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If you are interested in supporting The Lance Family Foundation, please make a contribution today to help a high school student realize his or her dream.

We want to sincerely thank all of our donors who have made scholarship contributions.

2019 Donors

Alaina Hall

Sue Harris

Adriane Keepler

Colleen Taylor

Faith Cargile

Sharon Brown

Courtney Townsend Duboff

Jiea Rutland - Simpson

Shawn Pride

Sonya Barge

Kim Hall

Ajyra Cheatham

Teresa Scholtz

Alison Graves - Calhoun

Felicia Horn

Kenji Collins

Naimah Abdullah

J Scott Woolery

Thelma Spencer

Tricia Patterson

Cynthia Bowman

Vivian Hunt

Henry Hodge

Kathy Lamar

Gregory Myers

Steve Koehler

Jolawn Victor

Muriel Wilkins

Gena Ashe

Dawn Williams

The Little Brown Girl LLC

Carmen Adams

Raven D Thomas



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